Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

NLPC PFA recognises that good corporate governance ensures that the Company is managed in the best interest of all stakeholders, thereby leading to corporate success. Consequently, the Board has adopted sound corporate governance practices.

The Company’s governance framework enables the Board to fulfil its role of directing the Company’s affairs and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Statues, Guidelines and Regulations

Aspects of sound organisational practices include strong leadership and compliance with all applicable Statutes, Guidelines and Regulations. The Board utilizes Management Reports to monitor compliance with the requirements.

Compliance with PenCom’s Code of Corporate Governance

NLPC PFA Limited, as a licensed Pension Fund Administrator, confirms that throughout the Financial Year ended 31st December 2018, the Company complied with the principles set out in PenCom’s Code of Corporate Governance.

The Company applies the Code’s principles of accountability, responsibility, transparency and integrity. We have an integrated approach to governance which enables Management and the Board to anticipate and mitigate risk issues inherent in meeting strategic objectives.