Missing Person / Death Benefits

A person is presumed dead if not found in one year from the date of disappearance. Only the beneficiary (not necessarily the Next of Kin) shall be entitled to all the benefits of a deceased employee or Retiree.

The beneficiary is the person(s) mentioned in a Will admitted to probate or person(s) who obtained Letter of Administration from the probate registry to administer the estate of a person who dies without a Will.

Required documents
  1. Will or Letter of Administration admitted to probate
  2. Medical Certificate of Death / Cause of Death
  3. Certificate of Registration of Death
  4. Police Report (if death is as a result of accident)
  5. Burial Warrant issued by a Local Government Council
  6. Evidence of Death / Burial issued by an Islamic Community Head, Judge of a Sharia Court
  7. Evidence of Death / Burial issued by a Leader of a registered Church
  8. Copy of Obituary poster (if any)
  9. Where the Executor / Administrator differs from the Next-of-Kin, we shall after confirmation of the letter of Administration or Will admitted to probate, update its database with information on the confirmed Executor/Administrator.
  10. Duly completed original copy of NLPC PFA (Dead/Missing Person Form, Personal Data Update Form and Bank Account Form)