Contact Center

NLPC PFA’s Multilingual Contact Center showcases our Organisation’s Customer Centric Culture and forms part of our overall Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. It is a major point from which Customers’ contacts are managed and where our seasoned Customer Service Executives interact and purposefully engage our priceless Customers.


The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems adequately extends our business hours to a 24/7 operation, while ensuring more stimulating, effective and efficient Customer engagement and services.

To reach us, dial:  01 – 4482780, then select your preferred language:

Press 1

For English language

Press  2

For Yoruba language

Press 3

For Hausa language

Press 4

For Igbo language

Press 5

For Pidgin


Followed by these options:

If you are a Retiree

 Press 1

If you are an RSA holder 

 Press 2


Then these:

To check your account balance 

Press 1

To check your last transaction 

Press 2

To update details 

Press 3

To register with NLPC PFA

Press 4

To hear the options again

Press 9

To speak with a Customer Care Agent

Press 0


You can also send an email to for further enquiries.