Retirement on Health Ground

If a person retires due to ill health or disability (whether physically, mentally, temporarily or permanently), the PRA 2014 allows the person to apply for the payment of his/her retirement benefit. Also, the employer and a qualified medical doctor or medical board must confirm the ill health or disability and that the person is no longer fit to work.

Required Documents
  1. A letter from the Retiree addressed to MD/CEO NLPC PFA requesting for payment on health grounds
  2. Certified True Copy of medical certificate issued by a medical doctor or medical board confirming the health status of the employee
  3. A letter from the employer confirming the health and retirement of the employee due to ill health and or disability
  4. FGN Bond registration slip – [for public sector retiree]
  5. A recent pay slip (which must be within the last three months of disengagement) or evidence of total emolument (signed and stamped by the by the Head of Account) of the last employer.
  6. A copy of the birth certificate or age declaration.
  7. A grant of special guardian issued by the High Court of Justice where the RSA holder is incapacitated and not able to run a bank account
  8. Duly completed NLPC PFA forms (Notice of Retirement Form, Bank Account Form, Pensioners’ Life Certificate Form, Retiree’s Indemnity Form and Programmed Withdrawal Agreement (PWA) - 2 copies (PWA not required for En-bloc payment and Annuity).
Retirement on Health Ground